dg Authenticator w/Smart Watch
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应用详情:This is NOT the offi...
应用详情:This is NOT the official google published Google Authenticator. It is based off the open source code of that project, but with 2 main modifications. I have removed the internet permission and added an extension for users with a Sony Smart Watch, so that you can view your pins without pulling out your phone.The original, Google published Authenticator can be found at https:play.google.comstoreappsdetails?idcom.google.android apps.authenticator2Known issues:4 accounts is about the max for the extensionCounter based accounts do not work, but this shouldn39;t affect most usersLiveWare extension for SmartWatchSource code available: http:code.google.comrvinblaugoogleauthsmartwatchOriginal description below....Enable 2step verification to protect your account from hijacking.Google Authenticator generates 2step verification codes on your phone.With 2step verification, you can choose to add an additional layer of security for your Google Account by signing in with both a code generated by this application in addition to your password Features: Automatic setup via QR code Support for multiple accounts Support for multiple languagesTo use this app, you need to first enable 2step verification on your Google Account by visiting your Account Settings page.https:support.google.comaccountsbinanswer.py?hlenamp;answer1066447 for instructions on how to setup two factor auth




开发者:Mike DG